Hepi Besday ke 28 to Abg.


7th March 2008

with special cake i made..

Good Luck.. May Allah Bless u..
Insya Allah we will live happily together forever...
Dunia and Akhirat..

p/s : Maybe I am not the best, but i' ll try to be the best for you.. heheee ;c)

2 Responses to “Hepi Besday ke 28 to Abg.”

  1. epi epi epi besday to abg ayu :p

    semoga pnjg umo,murah rezeki beroleh keberkatan didunia & ketenangan diakhirat kelak.amin..

    ~ huby ker??

  2. yup..huby.. thanx kak combiii... ehehehe


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