Dresden , Germany


The beautiful city at the Elbe river belongs through the wealth of its cultural and art treasures  as well as its attractive situation to the prettiest cities of Europe.  Dresden has been the residence of sovereigns and kings already since 1425   At the end of World War II Dresden was almost totally destroyed within 3 days fire-bombing 13.-15. February 1945 about 30.000 people died! Today the city of Dresden presents itself after decades of reconstruction in its old splendour again

One of the most famous buildings and a must if you visit Dresden, is the Zwinger (1711-22 built by Pöppelmann).  In its architecture, the baroque building is modelled on a Roman amphitheater.  The representative festival place was determined for courtly purposes and is surrounded by Gallerien and charming pavilions.

p/ s : drp prague, czech republik.. kami larik ke sini.. perjalanan dlm 2 jam lbh drp sana.. dlm kereta takla lama sgt..besh je.. orang ckp dresden ni sgt lawa.. memang lawa pun.. alhamdulillah.. sampai dgn selamat.. time ni ade karnival aperntah kat sini.. memang ramai orang.. sesak jalan.. nk jalan pun payah.. tapi seronok tengok macam2 gelagat orang.. ingat hari ahad..sunyi sepi..kosong.. cam kat tempat kami di saarbrucken,..hari ahad sume sepi..xde kedai buka.. yg sesuai zzzZZzzz ajelah kat rumah sepanjang hari... takpun kalu rajin selongkar la isi rumah.. main masak2 ke.. huhuhu.. 
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